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Greetings, my friends!
    You are interested in the horrible - the frightening, the grotesque, the hated - MONSTERS!
    Except, like us, you probably love these misshapen, misunderstood misanthropes.
    Did you grow up in the 1950's? the 60's? 70's? There was a time in our pop culture history when such creatures as Frankenstein's Monster and the Creature From The Black Lagoon captured our imaginations like no other group of superheroes or sports figures ever could. We weren't frightened by these terrible titans - we were fascinated by them, and wanted them around us constantly in the forms of toys, record albums, lunch boxes, bubblegum cards, and more.
    This website is dedicated to the Monster Mania that gripped America's youth starting in the 1950's and lasting through the 70's. We also cover Japanese movie monster mania since that is such a fascinating and diverse group of monsters, largely unknown to much of the outside world.
    We will be providing image galleries of such things as popular monster magazines, models, toys, and movie stills. If there's anything you'd like to see here, drop us a line at this address.

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